Ex Boyfriend


We produced this modern music based on percussion loops, synth basses, analog synthesizers, and an alto saxophone which plays a funky, melodic “ostinato”. We also designed sound effects... READ MORE


Plenty - TRT

We created the audio rebranding for this Turkish channel; the music of these ID pieces was inspired by the colors, the movement, the materials and the textures of the images. 

The challenge... READ MORE

Fox Life

PLENTY - Navigation Pieces & Ids

In 2014, we were challenged to deliver a fresh and fun music identity based on the use of conventional and non-conventional instruments and sounds, such as ukulele, finger snapping, and percussion... READ MORE

Fox Crime

PLENTY - Crime

We aimed at producing music based on Romantic piano pieces of the 19th Century, inspired by composers such as Chopin, Schumann and Brahms. We designed sound effects which represented movement in... READ MORE

Christmas at Fravega

PLENTY - Fravega

We focused on creating reggae mood music mixed with typical Christmas sounds in synch with the images. We also created techno sound effects which make a whole entire enjoyable piece.